tisdag 7 december 2010

A winterday at my place

Today I took some picutres that I would like to share. I guess you all know the words :
There is no place like home !

These two photo is taken from my door step. I love the way the frost hang on to the trees.

Our house is behind the trees.

The fog is laying down on the forrest, about 10 degrees cold.

Magic frost

No place like home!

This bice will not been used for a long time.
Untill next time. Elisabeth.

söndag 28 november 2010

The last months

I have finiched some quilts with stitchery. I did not have much time for quilting these last months. But I´ve made this two and that is not so bad :-)

In september it was time to harvest.

Here I com
Here I am.
Check that dad do it properly

Our youngest son likes to be with us and looking on whats happening.

Then it is wintertime
A lovely sunny day.

Even the birds needs some extra food.
Like the way the wather been frozen
One evening when I´m out for taking the cows inside this beautiful moon was there to show up.
Is´s magic

Even if the winter has started and the degrees has been -10 for a time, we should not be cold.

This old fire place sure is a good thing to use.
So long - Elisabeth

torsdag 30 september 2010

Wolf song

This afternoon I was quite tiard so I was a bit late to take the cows inside. Our little son, 4 years old, wanted to com with me. It was dark outside so we took a flashligth with us. We took all the cows inside and went back home.

As we walked home and talkabout the stars, singing about the stars, I tougth I heard somthing unknown sound that I could not recognize. I was thinking it was from the railroad or mabye some car far away. We continued to sing about the stars and our son said that the stars looked like glitter, I agreed. The sky was beautiful with all the stars.

Then I heard the sound far, far away again. There was no doubt, it was wolfs I heard howl. It was so far away that I did not worried about it. Next time I heard the wolfs I stop and told my boy to listen to the wolfs. Now and then we heard they howl. On our way walking home, we stopped att my parents hous and told my dad that just some minutes ago we heard several wolfs howling. My dad came outside to listen too.

There they was again, howling. But now they was much closer to us. As we was standing outside in the dark listening to the wolfs, we heard that they where coming colser and closer. If I should say anny distance I would say that they was 200 -300 meters away from us. I do say they,I would estimate it to be about 5-7 animales.

Imagine that you are outside a cold september night, the sky is beautiful dark with lovely stars and then you hear wolf song coming closer and closer. At last it is so close and so many that you are not sure where thay are looking at you. That feeling is quite scary but awesome!!

When I get home I thougt about the cows that are out on a summer field. They are outside all day. Then my dad phoned me and say that he heard one cow raw so we should take the car and check on the cows.

I know that one wolf is not a threat to the cows, but now they where many of them. Gripping my mobli phone and my camera, just in case I need it, we drive out to check on them. We could see that the cows was upset about all the wolfs, but there was no damage done. We could go home with a easy heart and know that everything was allrigt.

I am sorry that I do not have any sound recording of the wolf song, it was so powerful. But who thinks of that when they go to the evening work in the cow house :-)

Wich you all a good nigth.


tisdag 14 september 2010

Home after another weekend of sewing

Last thursday I was on my way to Norway to be with the sew group who meets a cupple of times in the year. To make the easy way for me as a driver I took the boat from Strömstad to Sandefjord. During the time as I would drive in the car I could instead enjoy myself and relax on the boat.
Here you can see all the girls who met.
Bente and her cosy cat.

Marianne and Björg.

Me and Tove

Gun Kristin


Anne Kristin


Just to show you that we did do some work, here is my first stitchery.

..and my second one.
This was how far I get on the weekend with the girls.

When I came home from my weekend, my husband had bougth these lovely roses to me. It was for our wedding day :-)

Thank you wonderful girls for having a lovely weekend and take care all of you!


tisdag 7 september 2010

Mikal Svensson and Marti Michell

This weekend I was on a quilt festival. Just to make you all envious on me I will tell you about it , lol..
Here we are on a lecture with Marti Michell. She shown a lott of fantastic quilts.
When she show her quilts she also give a lott of tip.

On saturday I took a class for Mikal Svensson. What a Guy!! He realy can give you inspiaration . Here are some test that I did with jelly rolls.

And the last project became a bargello, with jelly rolls. That is handy :-) Sorry I don´t have a photo of it jet, but it will com later.

Of course a photo of us to show :-)

And here she is - Marti Michell
In her class on sunday she talk about making a kaleidoscop. She also show other quilts with the same technique. What a lady!
Here I start with my kaleidoscop, hmm...

Four blocks done, just to continue to the next block.

Now I have put some blocks and some fabrics pieces together just to get an idea of how it is going to look. Marti Michell´s comment on this - oh.. it´s hot!
Can you see the dark cirkel in the middle?
And here we are. Are we not great together! :-)
From Marti to me. This is just so sweet.

And finaly to the wonderful woman who makes Quiltköping happends,

torsdag 2 september 2010

Quiltköping nu kommer jag / Quiltköping here I com

I morgon ska jag och tre andra trevliga tjejor åka till Quiltköping. Quiltköping är en jätte populär quilt mässa här i Sverige. Hit kommer det duktiga quiltare som håller kurser hela helgen. För de som vill läsa mera om Quiltköping kan gå in på deras sida http://www.quiltkoping.se/ /To morrow I will together with tree other girls drive to Quiltköping. Quiltköping is a popular quiltfestival here in Sweden. Here coms talented quilters how hold classes all weekend through: If you would like to read more about Qilltköping you can go to http://www.quiltkoping.se/

I morgon kväll, fredag, ska vi på föreläsning med Marti Michell. Mycket intressant. / To morrow evening we will go to listen to Marti Michells lecture . Interesting!

På lördag har vi valgt olika quilt kurser som vi ska gå på. Jag har valgt en kurs med Mikal Svendsson som heter vad ska jag göra med mina rämsor. On saturday we will go on different classes. I have chosen a class with Mikal Svendsson called what to do with my jelly rolls.

Här är tygerna som jag ska bruka till till den kursen. Bali från Hoffman. / Here it the fabric that I will use for the class. Bali from Hoffman.

På söndag ska jag gå på kurs med Marti Michell. Då ska vi lära oss att sy kaliedoscope på Marti vis :-) / On sunday I am going to take a class for Marti Michell . I will learn kaleidosope the Marti ´way´.
Jag lovar att ta många kort som ni ska få se senare. Nu måste jag göra i ordning alla mina grejor som jag ska ha med i morrgon :-)/ I promise to take lotts of photo to show you later. Now I must go and get all my stuff ready for to morrow :-)
So long

onsdag 1 september 2010

Mina stitchery / My stitchery

Denna helgen har jag haft tid att sitta ner och sytt klart mina stitchery. Mönstere är från http://elefantz.blogspot.com/ Det är från en gratis BOM som hon har och heter Daisy-Do. Hennes blog är värd ett besök./
This weekend I had time to sitt down and finish my stitchey´s. This one is a pattern from
http://elefantz.blogspot.com/. It is from a free BOM called Daisy-Do. If you not have visit her blog, pleace do so.

Och här har jag gjort klart det som jag började med i sommar. Nu är det bara att komma på vad jag ska bruka det till :-) /Here is the one that I started on this summer. Now I just need to know how I can use it in a quilt :-)

Har du några stitchery som ligger och du inte vet vad du ska bruka det till? Du kanske har ett tips till mig om vad jag kan använda denna till?/ Do you have any stitchery that you don´t know how to use? You mabye have a idea of how I can use this one?