söndag 28 november 2010

The last months

I have finiched some quilts with stitchery. I did not have much time for quilting these last months. But I´ve made this two and that is not so bad :-)

In september it was time to harvest.

Here I com
Here I am.
Check that dad do it properly

Our youngest son likes to be with us and looking on whats happening.

Then it is wintertime
A lovely sunny day.

Even the birds needs some extra food.
Like the way the wather been frozen
One evening when I´m out for taking the cows inside this beautiful moon was there to show up.
Is´s magic

Even if the winter has started and the degrees has been -10 for a time, we should not be cold.

This old fire place sure is a good thing to use.
So long - Elisabeth

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Elisabeth. The snow looks so beautiful. It looks like a winter wonderland, perfect for Christmas time. What are you harvesting in these pictures?

  2. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you!! Många kramisar!!!!!!!!!!!!