onsdag 18 maj 2011

Green project is finish

Here it is, my strawberry table cloth. I realy like it, the bright colors together. Sorry for not got the brightness of the color on the photo.

Remember from the last post that I cloud not find the fabric I should use for binding? I did´nt find it, so I had to get me another one, lol. I wonder when I will find it :-)


måndag 16 maj 2011

Green project with strawberries

So far so good, the color is good too. It is hard to get a justice color, this is the best I could get :-)

A closer look..

Almost finished, if I just could find the fabric that I should have to the binding! I wonder where ...?

I´ll better keep looking

Until next time, Elisabeth :-)

lördag 14 maj 2011

Cup cakes and new projects

This is so far I´ve got now. I am waiting for some fabrics to the last border. I know,but I did not care to iron the quilt top :-)

Green fabrics to the new projects. Green realy is my color.

It is so fun to play with fabrics and color.

Here I have remade an old flower bed. It is a little summer project I tougth I will work on this year.

Picture from the other side of the steps. in the background I have made a elevated cultivation for onions and carrot.

Waiting for a kiss :-)

Inside the tomato house I have some folwer onions to bee grown and some smal straberry plants.

and some more onions waiting to get a better place.

The tomato plants are still inside wating for warmer weather so they can be planted outside.

The chickens are growing and they are so cute and curious on a distance.

Well, a little closer is how far they can get with that flashing lamp around :-)

Every morning I give them food from my hand, those sweeties...

Until next time, Elisabeth

fredag 6 maj 2011

Hen house

My husband is moves the hen house from my parents garden to our garden. The houses in the background is my parents, we are neigthbors.

He is asking the boss where the boss would like to put the house. As I am the boss I gently tell him where to put it down :-)

Here, please..

My father is bringing the stones who should be on the ground as fundament for the house.

Here I (the boss) take a look so everything goes rigth :-)

Now it is on place, just where I wanted it, well done my love!

And inside the little chickens are settle down. They are a little scared about the changes, but it goes better for every day :-)

Until next time, Elisabeth

onsdag 4 maj 2011

Cup cakes

I didn´t tougth that I would started on an another bed quilt this soon after finished my star crazy, but I have. My inspiration for this quilt is my daugther. She loves to make cup cakes.

I am not sure about the dark blue one yet, but I think I´ll taste it some more before I decide if I will have it or not, yum, yum, lol...

Perfect frosting for a cup cake, don´t you think so too?

I use my sewing machine to sew the cakes on fabric. I realy like to use the machine if I can

Witch one would you kile to taste? I think I like the green one with daisy on, the one on the bottom

Well, I have to have my stuff somewhere :-)

Thanks for dropping bye.