måndag 21 mars 2011

I will tell you about life att our farm the last weeks. As days goes to fast and there is much work to do, here comes some updates:-)

I tryed to put the calfs together in a corner so I could take a picture, but it was not so easy to make them stay there:-) Now we had got ten little calfs, still more to com.
They don´t have time to be models. It is so lovely to see how these little calfs runs/ play together. Sorry but my photos of runnins calfs was just to bad to show,lol..

A little feeling of spring, the tomato seeds start to grow.

and ofcause more snow :-(

then some wonderful moment of sun again. I just had to feel the sun shine through the window.

Åke and his dad haveing a little break for something to eat. Foresty work takes energy and need to be refilled.

don´t you think so dad?

Here is the youngest one in our famely, little Mattis. He is just a wonderful little baby, and I am proud to be his aunt.

Åke think Mattis is a beautiful baby too!

My lovely hens are faithful giving eggs.

I was out to early, there is just one egg now but there was four eggs more later on this morning.

Until next time,