lördag 31 december 2011

A little beauty

In December 1995 the 31st at 01.39 this little beautiful baby girl was born. Yes, she realy was beautiful. She is my girl, and to me she was the most wonderful baby girl I ever had seen.

Att the age of one she was a real mums girl, happy and kind and a good little sister.

She was so proud of her first new bicycle I still remember that day. We had bougth the bicycle when she was away for a few days, and when she come back the bike was waiting for her.

She loved to bake all kind of cookies and she still does, clever girl she is.

Year have past and she is no longer a little girl anymore. She is now the most beautiful young lady I know, I am so proud of her, my daugther.

Here we are, my daugther and me.

Happy birthday my girl, mamma loves you <3
The best wishes for the new year.

Until next time,


torsdag 29 december 2011

Some finnishing, knitting and sewing

First I have to apology to all of you for taking so long time to make this post, sorry.

I have knitted another wintercap and a pair od christmas socks.

When I should knitt the socks I didn´t have needels big enough so I asked my mum if she could get me some when she was in town. And she did, Look at these cool needles with glitter insisde!!

I also made some Christmas bowl. It is from a norwegian book,
Julekuler with Arne og Carlos.
Love that book.

I did get time to finnished this quilt just some days before Christmas. The pattern is Joy to the World from art to heart. Love this one too.

From my beautiful friend in USA I got this lovely ornament in a Christmas gift. There was a little empty place left on the three after the boys was finnished with the decoration.
Thank you Kathy <3

This year we have not have the realy cold weather yet, but a week before Christmas there was a little snow. This beautiful little boy came running into the kitchen and told me to come out and se the nice snowman he made.

Not much snow, but just enough...

Lovely isn´t it?

Happy New Year friends!


torsdag 17 november 2011

Some knitting

Over the last cupple of days I have knitt a winter cap and a kind of scarf/shawl in a wonderful wool yarn. There have been some cold mornings here with -6 and -7 degrees so this clotes will be needed. I am not sure who will have them so I just wait and see. Now I am of to knitt one more sett in wite wool.

Until next time, Elisabeth

måndag 24 oktober 2011

Some quilting and autumn days

I found this kind off mosaics interesting so I tryed to make one myself. I don´t know where I loost it, but somehow I did not know how to finished it, so this is what I came up with.

Practise on FMQ, I think it is not that bad to be first time.

Another project with a lot of application

It is - Joy to the world, from Art to Heart

and where else should I find the small pieces of fabrics that I need, in my scraps

Now I have to sew around every little piece of fabrics. it is just to get started :-)

In such a nice weather is it nice to take a little walk in the autumn sun. Can´t stay inside sewing all day long

autumn collors


fun playing

A beautiful ending of a beautiful day

Until next time, Elisabeth

söndag 18 september 2011

Blue/green bargello

Here is my bargello, one ufo who is finished :-)

Have a nice week, Elisabeth

fredag 29 juli 2011

A little sewing and a litle knitting

I had some nice fabric that I wanted to make a little hand bag of, and it turns out like this. A realy sweet one I think.

Have you ever got a patter you don´t understand? Well, I did. I had order a beautiful wool yarn who was hand dyed and hand spun for making me a shawl. It was a little hard for me to understand what the patter should be like as it was written in english (for me, better with swedish). As you se I did not give up trying to make it, just needed some time, lol

Here you can see how the patter turned out, it is a star patter that I belief is called estonia star( hope I remember rigth)

Now I had the yarn by mail, and isen´t it beautiful? The yarn is named - soft rainbow-

I order the yarn at Mia´s Esty shop -www.esty.com/shop/vikevira

So far so good, just loving it!

A closer look at the pattern

Now finished and showing up on the stairs :-)

Next time I will show and tell from the summer on the farm :-)

Until then, Elisabeth

tisdag 7 juni 2011

Cup cakes is finished :-)

At last I´m finished with the cup cake quilt. It is a soft and cosy quilt to take around you when you feel a little cold :-)

Until next time, Elisabeth

onsdag 18 maj 2011

Green project is finish

Here it is, my strawberry table cloth. I realy like it, the bright colors together. Sorry for not got the brightness of the color on the photo.

Remember from the last post that I cloud not find the fabric I should use for binding? I did´nt find it, so I had to get me another one, lol. I wonder when I will find it :-)


måndag 16 maj 2011

Green project with strawberries

So far so good, the color is good too. It is hard to get a justice color, this is the best I could get :-)

A closer look..

Almost finished, if I just could find the fabric that I should have to the binding! I wonder where ...?

I´ll better keep looking

Until next time, Elisabeth :-)

lördag 14 maj 2011

Cup cakes and new projects

This is so far I´ve got now. I am waiting for some fabrics to the last border. I know,but I did not care to iron the quilt top :-)

Green fabrics to the new projects. Green realy is my color.

It is so fun to play with fabrics and color.

Here I have remade an old flower bed. It is a little summer project I tougth I will work on this year.

Picture from the other side of the steps. in the background I have made a elevated cultivation for onions and carrot.

Waiting for a kiss :-)

Inside the tomato house I have some folwer onions to bee grown and some smal straberry plants.

and some more onions waiting to get a better place.

The tomato plants are still inside wating for warmer weather so they can be planted outside.

The chickens are growing and they are so cute and curious on a distance.

Well, a little closer is how far they can get with that flashing lamp around :-)

Every morning I give them food from my hand, those sweeties...

Until next time, Elisabeth