tisdag 14 september 2010

Home after another weekend of sewing

Last thursday I was on my way to Norway to be with the sew group who meets a cupple of times in the year. To make the easy way for me as a driver I took the boat from Strömstad to Sandefjord. During the time as I would drive in the car I could instead enjoy myself and relax on the boat.
Here you can see all the girls who met.
Bente and her cosy cat.

Marianne and Björg.

Me and Tove

Gun Kristin


Anne Kristin


Just to show you that we did do some work, here is my first stitchery.

..and my second one.
This was how far I get on the weekend with the girls.

When I came home from my weekend, my husband had bougth these lovely roses to me. It was for our wedding day :-)

Thank you wonderful girls for having a lovely weekend and take care all of you!


4 kommentarer:

  1. it looks like you had fun and got done with a little stitching too. The roses are lovely!

  2. A fun weekend together with wonderful girls! Lucky you! :) I love the chicken stitchery!Happy wedding anniversary! Lovely, red roses.

  3. What fun Elisabeth..I love your stitchery.
    Happy wedding anniversary! beautiful red roses.
    Julia ♥

  4. Åh, så gott för dej att få koppla av med kompisar !! Oh så fine stitchery you all did!! Happy wedding anniversary!! Soo cute of him to buy you roses!!! Love ya!!