fredag 29 juli 2011

A little sewing and a litle knitting

I had some nice fabric that I wanted to make a little hand bag of, and it turns out like this. A realy sweet one I think.

Have you ever got a patter you don´t understand? Well, I did. I had order a beautiful wool yarn who was hand dyed and hand spun for making me a shawl. It was a little hard for me to understand what the patter should be like as it was written in english (for me, better with swedish). As you se I did not give up trying to make it, just needed some time, lol

Here you can see how the patter turned out, it is a star patter that I belief is called estonia star( hope I remember rigth)

Now I had the yarn by mail, and isen´t it beautiful? The yarn is named - soft rainbow-

I order the yarn at Mia´s Esty shop

So far so good, just loving it!

A closer look at the pattern

Now finished and showing up on the stairs :-)

Next time I will show and tell from the summer on the farm :-)

Until then, Elisabeth