lördag 4 februari 2012

A feeling of spring

Now when Christmas is over I felt that I was longing for a breeze of spring. I took these fabrics and started to sew.

Square in a square

This is how the table runner turn out, with a breeze of spring. It still needs batting and backing, quilting and binding.

In the hen house these lovely ladies have also got the spring feeling, eggs are comming. Thank you ladies <3

Have a nice weekend, Elisabeth

Quilt blocks

In januari I joyned a quilt group on Face Book, Quilt Block Exchange 2012, We will make tventy-four block each and they will be changed between us. So far this is my block. This one is called Ann´s New Years Eve Star

Log Cabin

Amish Diamond

Dutchman´s Puzzle

Spinning Star with Square in a Square

Bear Tracks

Have a nice day, Elisabeth