söndag 23 januari 2011

Good bye Hero

To day was the day he had to go. Together with six other young bulls.

I knew this day had to com. I am allways a bit sad when we

are sending animales to the slaughtershouse. It hurts every time.


lördag 15 januari 2011

A helping hand

Yesterday a friend came over and we hade a good time and we did some stitchery. Then this little sweetie so dearly wanted to give a helping hand.

He took a paper piece who followed the box and put it on the yarn reel. Find a loose thread and finish his work.

He asked for the number of this thread and I said seventy-five. He run of to find a pen so he could write down the number. He wrote it down and said proud : That was pretty easy. He write this whitout me showing him the numbers. He will be five this spring.

I had to put it into a empty place in my box so he could see that he made a good job for me. One thing is for sure, no matter how old and well use this peace of paper is going to be I can not afford to throw it. Ever!

Now I can easy take my yarn organicer and do some stitchery, and I know if I need some help I know where I can get it :-)

Late mornings

Every morning before breakfast Åke would play some games while he wait for
his breakfast. This morning he got a helping hand from our cat :-)
Late breakfast and the last time with our christmas decoration this time.

Then it is time to do give the cattle what they need too.

These cows drink their morning water. I would say that
I prefer a nice cup of tea :-)

Untill next time

torsdag 6 januari 2011

Star Crazy and snow days

To day I finish my october blocks.

I just had to lay it out to see how it looks like this far :-)

Our garden table dressed in a winter coat.
The sun shows up just a cuple of minutes this morning.

Some repairs needed to be done before the snow removal can start.

It is much easier to walk now :-)

måndag 3 januari 2011

Happy New Year and september stars

One of the good thing with beeing a farmer is that I have to get outside every day.
Then I have the opportunity to see the place I love like this. Winterwonder land.
This day there was -22 degrees cold. You know what? I love the life I live.
Winter, spring, summer and fall :-)

The Icey windows on barn.

Hero and me.
When Hero was newborn we had to support him with milk from a bottle. His mother had problems after giving birth to this calf. She recovered after a while.

I´m after a bit, but here is my september blocks of Star Crazy.
I will try to make the blocks of october this week.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and good luck to those of you
who are working on Star Crazy.

söndag 2 januari 2011

Chrismasdays att our house

For a long time there have been cold weather at our place. Is was real nice at Christmas with snow and sunny days.
Our tree that the children decorate, this year as every year :-)
This old santas is nice in the window.

Our cat likes to make himself cosy on our lap.

At the same time we had one uninvited visitor.

This little mouse find some leftovers in the garbage. As it was Christmas we could not kill the mouse, so Aleksander (11year) took the ash can with the mouse outside to let it go. When he came inside again he said that he had to wash his hands well. He had taken the little mouse in his neck and thrown the mouse out in the snow :-)
My teenage daugther loves to been taken photos of :-)

New skates for Christmas !

Do his best to make it :-)

Ooops !

New skates for this buddy too !

A lot of fun !

A helping hand,
Lets go.
Good friends !