söndag 2 januari 2011

Chrismasdays att our house

For a long time there have been cold weather at our place. Is was real nice at Christmas with snow and sunny days.
Our tree that the children decorate, this year as every year :-)
This old santas is nice in the window.

Our cat likes to make himself cosy on our lap.

At the same time we had one uninvited visitor.

This little mouse find some leftovers in the garbage. As it was Christmas we could not kill the mouse, so Aleksander (11year) took the ash can with the mouse outside to let it go. When he came inside again he said that he had to wash his hands well. He had taken the little mouse in his neck and thrown the mouse out in the snow :-)
My teenage daugther loves to been taken photos of :-)

New skates for Christmas !

Do his best to make it :-)

Ooops !

New skates for this buddy too !

A lot of fun !

A helping hand,
Lets go.
Good friends !

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Elisabeth. Thank you for sharing pictures from your Christmas. I love the little lighted tree outside. Ice skating looks like so much fun. Love the picture of your daughter hiding behind her hands. Happy New Year.
    Your friend, Kathy

  2. Loved all these Christmassy photo's, especially the skating one!! How fun. Hope you have a wonderful 2001 Elisabeth, xo