måndag 3 januari 2011

Happy New Year and september stars

One of the good thing with beeing a farmer is that I have to get outside every day.
Then I have the opportunity to see the place I love like this. Winterwonder land.
This day there was -22 degrees cold. You know what? I love the life I live.
Winter, spring, summer and fall :-)

The Icey windows on barn.

Hero and me.
When Hero was newborn we had to support him with milk from a bottle. His mother had problems after giving birth to this calf. She recovered after a while.

I´m after a bit, but here is my september blocks of Star Crazy.
I will try to make the blocks of october this week.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and good luck to those of you
who are working on Star Crazy.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I love the picture you took of yourself outside. It makes me feel really cold, haha. Your star blocks look very good. I think this will be a beautiful quilt if we ever get finished.

  2. Åh, så fina bilder!! Va snygga stjärnorna är!! Good Work!!! ♥