lördag 15 januari 2011

A helping hand

Yesterday a friend came over and we hade a good time and we did some stitchery. Then this little sweetie so dearly wanted to give a helping hand.

He took a paper piece who followed the box and put it on the yarn reel. Find a loose thread and finish his work.

He asked for the number of this thread and I said seventy-five. He run of to find a pen so he could write down the number. He wrote it down and said proud : That was pretty easy. He write this whitout me showing him the numbers. He will be five this spring.

I had to put it into a empty place in my box so he could see that he made a good job for me. One thing is for sure, no matter how old and well use this peace of paper is going to be I can not afford to throw it. Ever!

Now I can easy take my yarn organicer and do some stitchery, and I know if I need some help I know where I can get it :-)

3 kommentarer:

  1. What a cute little helper and he will remember being a good helper. I think I see a cat laying next to you, you lucky girl. My cats will not lay next to me while I am sitting.

  2. What a charming helper! This is something I have had in mind to do ever so long... Perhaps I can hire your little helper? :)) My cat love to sit on my lap when I'm watching TV, but nowadays it is too hot for him. What are you stitching?

  3. What a sweetie..He did a great job...
    Julia ♥