fredag 6 maj 2011

Hen house

My husband is moves the hen house from my parents garden to our garden. The houses in the background is my parents, we are neigthbors.

He is asking the boss where the boss would like to put the house. As I am the boss I gently tell him where to put it down :-)

Here, please..

My father is bringing the stones who should be on the ground as fundament for the house.

Here I (the boss) take a look so everything goes rigth :-)

Now it is on place, just where I wanted it, well done my love!

And inside the little chickens are settle down. They are a little scared about the changes, but it goes better for every day :-)

Until next time, Elisabeth

1 kommentar:

  1. Oh wow...a portable hen house. I feel like I was there. I bet you are a great boss. Here in the states it is Mothers Day, so Happy Mothers Day.