lördag 14 maj 2011

Cup cakes and new projects

This is so far I´ve got now. I am waiting for some fabrics to the last border. I know,but I did not care to iron the quilt top :-)

Green fabrics to the new projects. Green realy is my color.

It is so fun to play with fabrics and color.

Here I have remade an old flower bed. It is a little summer project I tougth I will work on this year.

Picture from the other side of the steps. in the background I have made a elevated cultivation for onions and carrot.

Waiting for a kiss :-)

Inside the tomato house I have some folwer onions to bee grown and some smal straberry plants.

and some more onions waiting to get a better place.

The tomato plants are still inside wating for warmer weather so they can be planted outside.

The chickens are growing and they are so cute and curious on a distance.

Well, a little closer is how far they can get with that flashing lamp around :-)

Every morning I give them food from my hand, those sweeties...

Until next time, Elisabeth

2 kommentarer:

  1. You have been busy girl! Green is my favorite color also. The cupcake quilt is so cute, I really do like it. And your tomato and onions are looking good.

  2. Hi friend thanks for your sharing your saying correct i accept with your thoughts.