lördag 5 februari 2011

Waiting for spring

These last days have been so sunny and nice that I had to find my gardening books and start to dream about springtime.

I have bougth this fancy plug box to plant seed into. Every box is made for fourty-nine plants. I did find my leftover seeds from last year. It surprice me that I had forgotten there was so many leftovers seed :-)

Oh no... I wake up yesterday and find that there had com more snow, my dream of a early spring was blown away. Guess that I need to wait a cuple of months more :-(

I picked up my stitchery to encourage myself a bit.

Happiness is indeed where you can find it.
Yesterday I found it in my kitchen. I needed to do something else then just the everyday things. So I started to make some carrot marmelade, and I bake some nice bread to the marmelade. It taste realy good. (sorry I have no pictures)
Where did you find your happiness these last days? Would love to hear about it :-)
Have a nice weekend all of you..

4 kommentarer:

  1. Anita A. Døbrøsi5 februari 2011 05:23

    Very very nice!!!!!!!

  2. Great photos. I love the plug boxes you bought. In the past I grew everything from seed. Perhaps you have inspired me to do it again. Let us know what seeds you start.
    Keep warm my friend, Kathy

  3. Sorry you have gone back to snow again - hopefully spring will be with you soon. Your stitchery's look lovely!

  4. It is beautiful work!