onsdag 2 februari 2011

A sunny morning

This morning was so sunny and nice that I had to take some pictures to share with you.

A week ago we had rain and the snow was smelting . The wather remained on the feeld. So when the cold temperature came back we had a realy nice skating place.

You can see the icy feeld in the middle on the picture.

On the river you can see how much water there was.

There is no way that I can take up water from this river.

I took the water hose outside and filled up these pods. Much easier att the moment.

This old feeders is showing up when the snow is melting.

2 kommentarer:

  1. These are beautiful pictures of the snow. Glad you are using the water hose, that is much easier. I looked at your weather forecast and it looks like you have more snow coming this week. Today in America is groundhog day. The ground hog did not see his shadow so spring should be here soon, doesn't that sound good?

  2. Don't you think it smells a little bit spring from those pictures? :) But I know there are still a couple og months before the spring your side! :)