lördag 4 februari 2012

A feeling of spring

Now when Christmas is over I felt that I was longing for a breeze of spring. I took these fabrics and started to sew.

Square in a square

This is how the table runner turn out, with a breeze of spring. It still needs batting and backing, quilting and binding.

In the hen house these lovely ladies have also got the spring feeling, eggs are comming. Thank you ladies <3

Have a nice weekend, Elisabeth

3 kommentarer:

  1. Love your spring table runner! I have purchased some daffodil fabrics too, but haven't received it yet... Want to make some table toppers/runners.
    And those beautiful ladies have got the feeling of spring too! :)

  2. Your chickens are beautiful! Elisabeth, I'm not sure where you find the time. Your quilt blocks are gorgeous as well. I attempted to leave a message for you by replying to your comment and also from my blog, with no luck. Your DJ will come together in it's own time, have no worries. I have considered a possible second Dear Jane after I complete the top of the 30's version....of course, it might be in 10 years or so. LOL Have a wonderful spring filled week and may your tulips in the garden be just as lovely as your table runner. Best Wishes,

  3. So nice to see your sewing and posting on your blog.
    I love your table runner, very fresh for spring.
    Your chickens are cute..
    Julia ♥