lördag 14 januari 2012

Pot holders

I knitted these pot holders this Christmas/New year.

I stareted with the snowman pot holers. It was so fun that I wanted to continue knitting. I did not have more garn at home so I was a little shaky not to go on kniting. Then I remember that I should have started on those green ones more then ten years ago. I knew that they wasn´t finished. Desperate I started looking in my stuff for this woork. The problem was that I have moved it around sometimes and I did not know where to look for it. I did find it in the end and I finished it. Qute for easter, don´t you think? I did not have to worry about started on the white and black one, I made sure to go buy some more yarn just waiting to turn into another cupple of pot holders.

Who knows, mayby I start on another pair of pot holders, the yarn is waiting, or... maybe I get back to the sewing again. Just can´t make my mind up :-)

Have a nice week, Elisabeth

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  1. kaera elisabeth,dina grytlappar är verkligen nydeligt,har det bra sa länge,susi