fredag 29 april 2011

Springtime at our place

This is how our daffodils looks today. Having a warm and lovely easter the garden shows up with all it´s beauty.

The apple tree is waking up after a long and cold winter .

These hepatica is growing in our garden.

Wood anemone

More wood anemone

This storry I should told you some time ago. Early this spring I bougth this little incubator. It is all automatic so it was just for me to put some eggs inside and press the button.
If you like to see where I bougth this incubator you can wisit on :

They have lots of nice things for hens there.

Twenty days later the chicken started to hatch their way out.
(the tird egg from left did had a little accident)

Twenty-one days after putting the eggs in the incubator we had these super sweet chickens. I have them in a paper box, and I put inside a little ligth bulp to give them some heat.

The kids love to hold them. Here Åke hold one chicken and it gives him some droppings on his left knee. Åke just had to be sure that there was no droppings on his hands :-)

Aleksander likes to have the four of them on his lap .

In my hand today. Twelve days old.

Outside in the real hen house the hens and rooster are living a good life. They are waiting for some nice meal. They don´t understand what that noisy camera is doing . Where is the food??

Inside the hen house these nice eggs waits for me. If you are asking me, this is the best eggs ever!!

Hope you enjoy reading my post today!

So long, Elisabeth

3 kommentarer:

  1. Ohhhh, the baby chicks are so cute. I love the picture of Ake and the "droppings". I would have been checking my hands also. I am so glad that spring has finally come to Sweden.

  2. Så tufft att den fungerade! Jag vill också ha hönor!! <3 Kram

  3. Such a sweet post. I love seeing the children withe the baby chicks!